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Blogging ‘The X Factor’ tonight…

Posted By Peter D. Kramer On December 5, 2012 @ 8:02 pm In Faces & Places | Comments Disabled

Hang out tonight and watch ‘The X Factor’—unplugged

And then there were six.

Tonight, the final six contestants—Diamond White, Tate Stevens, Cece Frey, Emblem 3, Fifth Harmony and Mamaroneck’s phenom Carly Rose Sonenclar—sing to stay in the competition.

A couple of thoughts before the show starts. With Vino Alan leaving last week, we’re wondering where his voters will turn: Will they stay with a similarly soulful act, in Carly, or turn to Tate Stevens, another of the Over 25 group? My money’d be on Carly, as I think they have a similar vibe.

They’ll sing one song, unplugged, and then a song chosen for them by voters in the Pepsi Challenge.

At stake tonight: A trip to the Top 4, the semifinals.

Cece Frey: Sang Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory,” still don’t understand how she’s still in this competition.

Emblem 3: The Skater Boyz singing Bruno Marz’s “Just the Way You Are.” Gauging from the squeals in the audience, you can understand how these guys ranked third last week. Girls, girls, girls.

Judges are getting snarky, borderline obnoxious, with each other. Demi: “It sounds like a downgraded version of The Jonas Brothers five years ago.”

Carly’s up next, going acoustic.

Singing Justin Beiber’s “As Long As You Love Me,” which Carly calls “unexpected.” “It’s not acoustic, that’s for sure. I think he’ll be shocked to hear it like this.”

“I’m under pressure…

“Keep it together …

“I will take my chances …”

Great control. Everything CeCe Frey doesn’t have, Carly has.

L.A. Reid: “This is your best performance, for my taste.”

Demi: “I like it when an acoustic version is better than the original. You sang it better than Justin did.”

Simon: “I am seeing a star emerge in front of me, week after week. A lot of girls you age can be annoying when they’re singers.  But you’re actually very cool.”

Britney: “You make every song you’re own.”

Download tonight’s songs at The X Factor website. [1]

Fifth Harmony: Singing Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” I’m with L.A. on this. Still don’t think they harmonize like Emblem 3.

L.A.: “I think you have the wrong name. I think they should call you Fifth Unison.”

Next up is Diamond White, the other teen on Britney Spears’ team.

She’s singing James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.”

L.A.: “You brought attitude and showbiz. And you sang your butt off.”

Demi: “It was risky to do a song you’ve done before.”

Simon: “I wish you’d chose a different song, but it was great.”

Britney: “This is a hard song to pull off and you destroyed it.”

Tate Stevens will sing “Livin’ on a Prayer,” a Bon Jovi hit. Kind of creepy, that scene in the bar, where Tate talks about how he might be losing his job back home. Sympathy vote, anyone?

That sound from Jersey? John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. yelling at his TV: “Make it stop! And if you’re going to sing it, go up to the higher octave and don’t chicken out.”

Britney: You should stick to down the middle country.

Demi: You skipped out on the high note, which is the best part of it.

Simon: You doing that song on the acoustic week is like taking a goldfish for a walk. You can’t do it.

L.A.: You’ve paved roads and I thank you for that. (Huh?)

Tomorrow, Ke$ha will be on the show.

Next to the Pepsi Challenge song and design challenge, where the fans voted for all the elements of the performances.

First up is CeCe Frey and Demi Lovato begs for votes as CeCe sings Katy Perry’s “You’re a Part of Me.” Seriously? She sounds like a girl shrieking a song on the bus on the way to a soccer game. She’s getting more vocal help than Milli Vanilli, for crying out loud!

L.A.: That was karaoke.

Britney: I found it entertaining. You looked like you were having fun.

Simon: You were defiant. If you do go, I’ll miss you, because you’re a trier.

Demi: (More begging for votes.)

Next is Emblem 3 singing “Forever Young.” Yawn.

L.A.: Tonight, you nailed it.

Demi: I want to see you command the stage more, but this was much better than the first performance.

Simon: I think you’ve been really really good tonight. I’ve been here before. Emblem 3 have landed.

Next up: Carly singing Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy.

I’m sorry. Goosebumps. The kid can flat-out sing.

L.A.: As a judge, I get very nervous because I know you’re going to be really really good. As a fan, I get excited because you never let me down.

Demi: I want to hear something uptempo. I feel like it’s getting very predictable. I understand why you stick to the same kind of song. It’s because it’s amazing.

Simon: Here’s some really good advice. Don’t listen to a single word this one (Demi) has said. Trust me. You are doing just fine. You have had a phenomenal night.

Britney: You are the definition of ‘The X Factor.’

Next, Fifth Harmony…singing a song by Demi Lovato, “Give Your Heart a Break.”

Can’t imagine the nerves singing the song one of the judges made famous. But off they go.

Waiting for Simon to say “It was better than the original…”

But Demi said it first. And then she said “I think Simon actually did a good job this time.”

Simon: With you girls, it’s all about girl power. The show wouldn’t be the same without you.

L.A.: I actually heard harmony!

Next up, Diamond White singing “Diamonds,” by Rihanna. She got her silver confetti.

L.A.: I like you. I like that song. I didn’t like that rendition of it.

Demi: A friend of mine wrote it, so I really like this song.  I feel like you did it justice.

Next, Tate Stevens, singing Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”


Britney: Now that felt like a Tate Stevens performance. That was brilliant.

Demi: I feel like you have a bright future. I felt a bit sleepy during that performance, but I think that’s just me. I’m just sleepy.

Simon: Welcome back to the competition. You remind me of Garth Brooks. You don’t put an age cap on talent and you’ve represented this older group very well.

Stevens then went on to invite “Tate Nation” to vote for him.

Voting is now open:

Cece Frey: 855-843-9301

Emblem 3: 855-843-9302

Carly Rose Sonenclar: 855-843-9303

Fifth Harmony: 855-843-9304

Diamond White: 855-843-9305

Tate Stevens: 855-843-9306

Tomorrow, Ke$ha and the results, sending the semifinalists onward.


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